I’ve kind of recovered from my jet lag. I was in Asia for Chinese New Year and also managed to squeeze in short trips to Thailand and Cambodia (to see the Angkor Wat). Posted some pics (taken using my mobile phone!) at facebook.

Mmm even did not get to twitter while in Asia. Oh I’ve now got an edisclosure twitter (do follow edisclosure) and also on YouTube. I did find some time to produce a short snappy video for the LegalTechTownHall Questions. My two cents (or pennies) worth video is here.

Maybe one day I will be able to freely tweet and post videos from my mobile phone. Super freely, smarty tweety mobile next?

Here’s a blog-worthy report with the headline: Twitter lands congressman in hot water’. Hot water also for the Pentagon as it is reported to be looking to review its policy regarding the dissemination of potentially sensitive information in the light of new technologies. On the other hand, Twitter gets more funding even without a business model. How about that for the global credit crunch and the bankers!

Will people tweet more and more and blog less and less? Mmm maybe the 78 rpm record player will make a come back too.

On the subject of blogging, arbitrators are now blogging but not using their own blog site but via/under a well know publisher site. Doesn’t sound like blogging to me, still they’re ‘blogs’ and not posted as articles. I’ve not read the ‘blogs’ but have scanned for edisclosure ‘blogs’. Nothing there. I will keep track of the’ blogs’ at Kluwerarbitrationblog.

Two rather blog-worthy news for me came from two sources, one is a book and another is from a lawyer. The book title caught my attention, not the content. The title read: You Can Lead an Atheist to Evidence, But You Can’t Make Him Think: Answers to Questions from Angry Skeptics (the book is by Ray Comfort ). Isn’t that title something to ponder! I certainly need to think just to read that title!

Less thinking more a creative spark or ingenuity (who knows?!), a certain lawyer certainly knows how to do marketing with a title ‘ RentAJudge ‘. The trade mark site is at rentajudge

The formula for marketing seems to be ‘credit crunch’ + ‘costs’ + ‘ediscovery’ = alternative to alternative dispute resolution (with the exception = no choice litigation).
Well even the ICC is offering training on Amicable Dispute Resolution!
Oh well…

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