all the jazz and ding-dong

This is a spontaneous blog!

I just counted the number of registered users here and click2ediscovery now has a dozen users. With all the jazz and ding-dong (this phrase just sprang to mind !) on ediscovery related stuff, how come no news from the alternative dispute resolution world on edisclosure.

On my radar screen, an ediscovery vendor was recently in the news. I don’t seem able to re-discover/retrieve the news! It’s about a vendor failing to perform or meet ediscovery requirements within their own organisation.

Notice the ‘My Tweets’ on this site? I will be tweeting on the ‘jazz and ding-dong’ on ediscovery coming from various quarters that appears on my radar screen. Will blog when I get to sit down and not jazzing around.

Do join in the jazz and ding-dong or follow edisclosure. More fun than joining another forum or group don’t you agree?

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