Breakfast Workshop – Privacy and Security at 3rd parties

I am looking forward to joining Kevin Duffey @ Cyber Rescue Alliance and his other invitees to discuss ‘Privacy and Security at 3rd parties’ on 12th March at Facebook office in London (1 Rathbone Square, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1FB).

Morrisons loses data leak challenge

The battle on criminal misuse of data…
Morrisons to appeal to the Supreme Court

This is a great example of Peirce’s semiotics-ternary! Interpretant (Claimants, Morrisons and the Courts) in full action.

Peirce for ‘thinking’ or rationalising …

Intriguing way to look at data breaches

haveibeenpwned and

Electronic Discovery/Disclosure: From Litigation to International Commercial Arbitration

Good to know that my paper dated 2008 has been cited in:

Revised UNCITRAL Arbitration rules Seen through the Prism of Electronic Disclosure, The [article]
Journal of International Arbitration, Vol. 28, Issue 1 (February 2011), pp. 51-66
Kozlowska, Daria
28 J. Int’l Arb. 51 (2011)

My contribution:
An early conference in the form of a case management meeting has been pointed out by numerous commentators as being a tool for a more efficient management of arbitral proceedings in cases involving electronic evidence.

Many thanks to Daria Kozlowska.

A post from another privacy site: How to Tell You Have Been Hacked

For those who want to read a bit about ‘hacking’ especially about signs that you have been hacked, do welcome to check out this ‘How to Tell You Have Been Hacked‘ by Bill Hess.

Post #GDPR webinar: my talk on ‘Rights of the Data Subject’

For those who missed the Post #GDPR webinar hosted by @InfosecurityMag & @DanRaywood, replay/watch via:
Post GDPR, Is it Too Late to Comply?

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I did my 10 mins talk on ‘Rights of the Data Subject’. The sound wasn’t too brilliant as I had to put my telephone handset on speakerphone.

If you’ve trouble with any of the ‘words/sentences’ welcome to drop me an email cher [at] jyutsu [dot] com.

The quote by Justice Louis Brandeis: If the broad light of day could be let in upon men’s actions, it would purify them as the sun disinfects. Essentially, sunlight is the best of disinfectants.

I mentioned ‘sensitive, nefarious data’ & the contentious nature of the ‘Right to be Forgotten’.

We live in interesting data privacy times!

Many thanks,

‘Right to be forgotten’ – 2 claimants v Google

Catching up with my backlog of news.
News on 13th April 2018:
Search engine giant Google has been ordered to remove links to articles about the historic criminal convictions of a businessman in the first ‘right to be forgotten’ case to be decided in England and Wales. Ruling in NT 1 and NT 2 v Google LLC today, Mr Justice Warby reached opposite conclusions about the two claimants, identified as NT 1 and NT 2, based on the nature of the criminal convictions and the extent to which publication of information related to the claimant’s private life
Read more about “Google must delete links in ‘right to be forgotten’ case” at the site.

A Poll on Post GDPR – I’m a speaker for a webinar on 26th June 2018

Please vote, share this and tune in to the webinar.

@DanRaywood @InfosecurityMag interviewed me.

A couple of days after the #GDPR Press Briefing at City, University of London @DanRaywood @InfosecurityMag interviewed me.

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