2020 a new decade

I started this blog – my 1st – back in December 2007 and back then blogging was a cool thing to do 
Now, I hardly blog and have instead joined the various social media scenes i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and lately Instagram (mostly for family-related pictures). Furthermore, I have been busy past 5 years with my PhD where I go beyond edisclosure/ediscovery and examined supply chain risks/relationships, Chinese wuxing, data security, data privacy, data (including cyber/security) incident response and the GDPR. I’ve also examined ethics and the usual PhD stuff on theories. My PhD thesis was on data privacy harm and incident response under the GDPR.

So, what will I be doing moving into 2020 and also with the start of the Chinese New Year, year of the metal Rat on 25th January 2020?

I’ll continue to use this blogging site to showcase or highlight or link to stuff which I’m interested in.
Stay tune in 2020 and beyond…

Wishing everyone a happy, smashing, healthy and prosperous 2020!
Many thanks,

My PhD Thesis – abstract only (for now)

UK Enterprise Awards – Jollyvip ltd Best Commercial Mediator & Arbitrator – South East London

The newsflash at SME-News.co.uk

Networking evening @Fetch_AI

This post at pressread.com caught my attention today which drove me to attend the networking event.

A huge 2019 privacy fine on Facebook

More action from Facebook to watch out for: ‘We have heard that words and apologies are not enough and that we need to show action.

Also, note The FTC press release:
‘As part of Facebook’s order-mandated privacy program, which covers WhatsApp and Instagram, Facebook must conduct a privacy review of every new or modified product, service, or practice before it is implemented, and document its decisions about user privacy. The designated compliance officers must generate a quarterly privacy review report, which they must share with the CEO and the independent assessor, as well as with the FTC upon request by the agency. The order also requires Facebook to document incidents when data of 500 or more users has been compromised and its efforts to address such an incident, and deliver this documentation to the Commission and the assessor within 30 days of the company’s discovery of the incident.’

PhD – A Triage Playbook: Privacy Harm and Data Incident Response in the UK

PhD in Computer Science #CityGrad 16th July 2019

A memorable day #CityGrad 16th July 2019

My PhD Thesis

Breakfast Workshop – Privacy and Security at 3rd parties

I am looking forward to joining Kevin Duffey @ Cyber Rescue Alliance and his other invitees to discuss ‘Privacy and Security at 3rd parties’ on 12th March at Facebook office in London (1 Rathbone Square, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1FB).