runaway ethics

I participated in SPRITE+ ‘Accountability & Ethics in a Digital Ecosystem’ Workshop led by Dr Jonathan Foster and Dr Julie Gore last week. There were many interesting brainstorming discussions via Zoom breakout rooms from diverse academics and industry practitioners. It was well facilitated and far more enjoyable (and productive) than all the Zoom and similar webinars and meetings that I’ve attended during the past couple of weeks. I will take a break from online meetings/webinars – ‘online’ fatigue :-) .

Accountability & ethics are both interesting and topical issues not only in a digital ecosystem but beyond the digital sphere. A good example is the current lockdown situation whereby we are all dependent on getting connected online or digitally connected because we have to obey or adopt social distancing (outside the digital sphere). Have ethics or ethical norms changed because we’re or have experienced ‘social distancing’ (more time alone or with family) and are also spending more time online to connect with people? I think researchers need to ask new questions on the interplay between the digital and non-digital or ‘real world’ sphere and where accountability and/or ethics matters or not. Do we have accountability or can impose accountability (via laws?) when we have runaway ethics? Just a random question!

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