A new era is dawning

I’m getting a whole swathe of Coronavirus (Covid-19) emails, WhatsApp messages and news from online/TV/Radios & social channels.

It is ‘crazy time’, ‘panic food stocking/hoarding’, ‘deserted café/streets’, ‘unprecedented time’, ‘tumultuous time’ and government calling for lockdown or shutdown and/or social distancing.

The WHO declared last Wednesday 11th March 2020 that COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.

Even the ICO and EDPB have announced news. So now we have 3 categories of DPAs approach to the pandemic. @EUstaran (11:47 AM · Mar 17, 2020) tweeted the DPAs’ positions as follows: Restrictive: BE, FR, LU, NL Neutral: DE, NO, SK, SI, SE Permissive: DK, IE, IT, PL, RU, ES, UK

Whatever we call it – epidemic or pandemic – the one thing that matters to me is that I can stay healthy and have access to my basic needs (air, food, water, electricity & WiFi) and my family and friends.

Scary time for people who feel that they are vulnerable or categorised as vulnerable due to their health or medical conditions. No doubt, everyone wants everyone to be safe.

My student tenant already packed up and left for home (China) and now my niece is packing up to leave for home (Malaysia) too. Her university has shutdown.

This is my 1st experience of what a virus can do to a person, to a country and also at local community. Good to hear/read that neighbourly folks at nextdoor.co.uk are reaching out and offering help for the less fortunate or those affected by the epidemic.

Let us not forget that there are many people who can’t self-isolate or social avoidance or not go to work as they are in the ‘front-line’ and/or are providing essential or basic services that I and so many others rely on in times of crisis or emergencies.

Although the current situation feels like a dawn of a new era, whatever that may be, humanity will find a way to survive. Hope for a new dawn!

With hope…

Simple self-help steps to do daily, check out these:
For main central flows
For immune system, watch Video and follow the simple steps
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