Brexit – inconvenient truth of globalisation?

Since the momentous announcement of the outcome of the Brexit-In-Remain-EU Referendum event on Friday 24th June 2016, there’re now countless Brexit related media news/reports and social media rants. Friday 24th June 2016 will go down as ‘Black Friday’, not only in UK but across the globe.

Can UK (or even any EU states) avoid or even stop the onslaught of globalisation and the unintended consequences such as immigration?
I guess one true barometer is time. Like the financial markets (sentiment indicators of the REMAIN voters?), I too reacted negatively (though not making any financial gains from the event!). I can only reflect on the past – the past that brought me to the UK, and more touchingly what brought my grandparents and my parents (immigrants from mainland China to Malaysia) to leave their homeland. I hope my kids (birthplace in England and Scotland) will not have to repeat what their ancestors were forced to do. It certainly wasn’t globalisation that drove my ancestors to seek a new life outside their homeland. Perhaps one day I will dig deeper into humanity in the face of atrocities.

Reflecting on data privacy – a subject that touches on humanity (& touches me) – the Schrems case (2015) as recorded in – The Court of Justice declares that the Commission’s US Safe Harbour Decision is invalid - and elsewhere is certainly worth re-visiting in light of Brexit.

How about examining the Schrems case – substituting US for UK and any other variables you can imagine? Any takers from the UK legal scholars and practitioners?

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