Not just ESI

The US Federal Rule of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 37(e) – on preservation, is pending revision. Note the commentary at

Preservation orders and the rules on Electronically Stored Information (ESI) are complex areas for policy makers and also IT folks. Some of these issues I have raised in my article and also briefly during my talk at BCS in November 2011. Both these are available on this page.

Personally I find the term, ESI a confusing term in the context of electronic discovery/disclosure (edisc). In edisc it is not only the digital/electronic information in storage that the rules/laws are addressing. The word ‘stored’ implies storage media/medium/devices and the data in storage is ‘at rest’. Hard to imagine that emails are ESI. In my talk I stated that edisc folks tend to address edisc by talking about discoverable media/medium/devices which is not the case in edisc. So now the proposed FRCP is addressing ‘discoverable information’ instead of just ESI.

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