Surveillance – my keyword from the year 2013

I browsed about 10 mins ago on wikipedia for traffic viewing statistics on ‘electronic discovery’, ‘information privacy’, ‘information security’, ‘surveillance’ and ‘Edward Snowden’.

The ‘Electronic_discovery has been viewed 5883 times in the last 30 days.’, ‘Information_privacy has been viewed 4148 times in the last 30 days.’, ‘Information_security has been viewed 30227 times in the last 30 days.’ and ‘Surveillance has been viewed 19571 times in the last 30 days’. Most interestingly this ‘Edward_Snowden has been viewed 341274 times in the last 30 days’

The figures may not show exactly how many searches on ‘surveillance’ or ‘surveil’ but the wikipedia figures give a good enough guide for me to denote ‘surveillance’ as a keyword to take note.

I came across this article ‘Ford “Know[s] Everyone Who Breaks the Law” Using Cars They Made — Why Aren’t They Doing Something About It?‘. It is worth reading even though it is from a US perspective. Well, the Edward Snowden drama originated from the US but has news flashes across the Globe from the US to Hong Kong to Brazil to Russia and UK/Europe.

As highlighted in the article, the term ‘surveil’ is now a legal watch word in the US.
Extracted statements from the article :
Failure to provide camera surveillance is now a common claim in negligence cases. “Take reasonable care” translates into a steady and growing pressure: investigate, surveil, disclose.

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