About this blogging site and beyond

This blogging site will soon passed its 5th anniversary and time to revisit what to do with this blog.
As noted in the About page, this blog was setup (on the fly, virtually within less than an hour, that’s the beauty of WordPress) primarily for my research and activities on edisclosure/ediscovery.

My interests are varied as listed in my main jollyvip website.

Since October this year, 2013 I’m a PhD research student with the Centre for Cyber Security Sciences (CCySS) with the City University London.

My domains of research are varied too. I use the word ‘domain’ as I have not figured out where all my interests lie or map into the academia world of research with it’s own definition of disciplines and schools and departments. I do know that my main interest is in computer science (or software engineering). Over the years, having worked primarily on complex software projects/programmes, I am particularly drawn to the dynamics of interaction between people (hence my foray into Law and Dispute Resolution) and within organisations. To me, computer (and technology) is a tool, albeit a tool unlike others whereby it can transform life positively or negatively depending on it’s use or abuse. Well it’s like a hammer except it’s ‘soft’ i.e. malleable. Others have argued and also written on many aspects of software. I like to view software as malleable i.e. this Merriam definition;
a : capable of being altered or controlled by outside forces or influences
b : having a capacity for adaptive change

With this view, my research will explore these domains:-

Software Practice and Engineering
Organisation Operational Practice (cyber insurance)
IT Governance, Risk and Compliance
Data and Privacy Laws
Data and Information Visualisation
Supply Chain and Cyber Space (Internet)

So edisclosure/ediscovery is not on my agenda for my PhD research. However I do hope that the outcome of my research will provide useful tool(s) for edisclosure/ediscovery related issues.

As this site will be my only (public) blogging space, I will keep this blogging site as it is i.e. without any changes to the site name and description. From time to time, I will post news & tweets (via my twitters, @edisclosure and @insuredatarisk ) covering edisclosure/ediscovery and beyond into the above domains.

Thanks for reading this.

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