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I am a qualified commercial mediator and arbitrator with industry experience as a project manager/business analyst in complex IT projects in the financial sectors. A bit about me – Cher – and my portfolio at Jyutsu.com

Are you an ambitious barrister based in/around London, UK?
Do please get in touch if you want to make a difference to someone’s life and also to your own profession.

I have a matter involving #BP #Pension Trust and my ancillary divorce #court #order (dated 2001). I am looking for a ‘no win no fee’ (Contingency Fee Arrangement) barrister who is willing to help me on this matter.

The pension pot was valued around £500k back in 2001.

You will find some key documents posted on this site to help you get started. To access the documents posted on the right ‘BP Pension Case’, please contact me.

I have compiled a chronology of the events which we can use to discuss the matter.

I am confident that I have a case and also confident that we can ‘win’ if you are open-minded and willing to take up a challenge to go beyond the last vertiges of ‘access to justice’.

I welcome a dialogue.
Thank You for Visiting.

cher [at] jyutsu [dot] com