Jyutsu Data Services
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Welcome (back again) to JollyVIP’s portfolio of technology and holistic dispute resolution services!

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Jyutsu Data Services – jyutsu.com – work in progress

eDisclosure Blog – www.jollyvip.com/edisclosure

Jin Shin Jyutsu & Ancient Art – craftqi.com site for health and well-being

What is i*a*d*r*t?

innovative software and services

affordable technological solutions

delivery as and when you need it most

reliable, personal support

team of experts

My interests

Offline, I (Cher Devey), enjoy traveling, chinese art, yoga and ancient arts healing with Jin Shin Jyutsu.

On the social space

Occasionally, I follow on twitter, check-in on foursquare, attend meetup, add requests/like stuff on facebook and connect up on linkedln.

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Proud to be British? A Chirp app on the mobile scene, chirpping with friends soon?

This site is forever work-in-progress.

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