Is my data everybody’s business?

For the past weeks I have the ‘freedom’ to explore my websites, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You see, I have been out of the online social scenes since last September when I left UK for Beijing. Came back to UK just to sort personal stuff and see my kids before I leave for Beijing again.

Sitting here and with all the freedom to click to whatever sites/blogs etc. , I ought to feel great (and grateful) that I don’t get a page telling me ‘Page not available’. Strangely, I feel the break from the online social sites a great mind cleanser or should I say ‘data cleanser’?

By my (temporarily) cleansed mind, I am not missing much in terms of new found data/information or the ediscovery/edisclosure scenes. What I do recognise or discover is that my data/photos/news and whereabouts are really not everyone’s business at all?! More strangely, other people’s data/photos/news and whereabouts are a constant source of mystery and a rich playground for all kinds of mischief including learning.

Would you rather get a ‘Page not available’ or something mysterious or an obscure/ repeated blogs/stories about someone/something/stuff that isn’t your business at all? Who has the right to determine which data is mine or/and is not everybody’s business? Well…it’s like doing ediscovery/edisclosure, isn’t it?

Whether my data or other people’s data is private or not, it is so good to be able to re-connect with friends again at Facebook.

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