Hot off the e-mail Press!

I received an invite today to register for the 2nd annual electronic evidence and e-discovery forum.

I attended the 1st Forum last year and the focus then was mostly related to forensic stuff and presentations from top notch e-discovery vendors offering solutions/services based on the edrm.

Judging by the agenda, a mixed bag of themes and topics are planned for Oct 2008.

Heh! Incidents, investigations, readiness all sounds like fun to me. However I doubt if any of the technical and legal presentations will be fun.

Maybe the organiser will prove me wrong and comes up with 2 days packed with fun learning.

Anyhow, the listed agenda:

  • Provide a wealth of practical information and examples of best practice on building proactive capabilities for disclosure and discovery requests
  • Explain how best to contain costs while ensuring a high degree of forensic and litigation readiness
  • Investigate how to strike the perfect balance when deploying in-house capabilities and using the services of external service suppliers 
  • Detail what the perfect e-discovery crisis response team should look like, which departments should be involved internally, and explain how to ensure your organisation can react quickly and cost-efficiently 
  • Highlight pitfalls to watch out for, and give pointers on how to overcome unexpected problems and hurdles that organisations can encounter during events and incidents
  • Offer an opportunity to ensure that your policies are up-to-date with those of your competitors and peers
  • Ensure you are aware of the issues you may encounter if you face a forensic or litigation engagement and are not prepared

Key themes and scenarios for 2008 include:

  • Internally generated events
    > Fraud and theft
    > Investigations into employee activity
    > Employee disputes
    > Whistle blowing
  • Compliance issues
    > Investigation by the government or regulatory body
    > Data privacy when discovering data in different jurisdictions
  • Information leakage
    > Insiders divulging information (e.g. about mergers and acquisitions)
    > Espionage

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