Daily Archives: March 28, 2008

a taster or a gem?

‘Preservation and retention’ policies and ‘searching methods (metadata stuff)’ are discussed/mentioned in most ediscovery/disclosure articles/reports. Less talk about are the issues on ‘recovery of data’ or the challenges associated with the ‘indexing of data’  or ‘classification of data’ (for the metadata to make sense). Just some issues when dealing with data and information. Some people [...]

where disclosure of document is not a breach of confidentiality

My lawyer friend, John (thanks!) e-mailed me a piece of news posted at thelawyer.com site Not related to electronic disclosure (from the news report) but still worth noting. Confidentiality in arbitration not to be taken for granted. According to the Court of Appeal, ‘any future disputes on the disclosure of documents should be resolved by [...]