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Regulations & Compliance

The Compliance, Security or Operability questions for E-Discovery

  Last week I went to the infosecurity Europe event in London as I was attracted by the keynotes titles and the interactive theatre. Besides returning home with three different caps/hats, one even has a battery attached to it (stress balls seems to be out of fashion for the security nerds and herd, which is [...]

Zen and the art of edisclosure next?

Been pre-occupied with lots of non IT, non ediscovery/disclosure stuff lately In the midst (and aggro?!) of changing my broadband internet provider & coping (fiddly) with mobile internet. How about this for a refreshing read? Just one page on the Zen and the Art of Disaster Recovery. Compared this with an article (from – [...]

BlackBerry Texting:electronic communication/document

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s (Finra) said ‘Blackberry text must be archived and reviewed.’ Securities Industry news

Last Year news – still a struggle

One year after FRCP, struggles continue with e-discovery By Beth Pariseau, News Writer 19 Dec 2007 | article