GDPR press briefing

I started using Shapr early this year out of curiosity to ‘test’ and to ‘play’ with the app. So far I’ve met up with a barrister and we had interesting exchanges, including the GDPR.

Hard to imagine that I got interested in data protection and privacy way back in 2000. Back then I was a consultant (Business Architect role) working on an internet banking project. The governance/compliance & team communications aspects of the project drove me to do a law course at Queen Mary College. I did the Data Protection, IP and advanced IP modules. I subsequently completed the Post-Graduate Diploma in Internation Commercial Arbitration.

When the GDPR was drafted in 2012, I gave a talk at the BCS which I’ve posted here.

Also, during my time at the City, University of London I’ve initiated Privacy Day events.

This year, to mark the GDPR coming into effect on 25th May 2018, together with my colleagues at City, we will be hosting a GDPR press media event on the 17th April.

More to follow…

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