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I had on my list-to-do to consolidate this blog with my new websites at and I have not figure out a ‘neat’ or simple way to consolidate not only this blogging site (which was my 1st WordPress attempt) but to simplify my twitter accounts which I have three twitters. I guess it all boils down to what I want to do with all these ‘stuff’.

This morning I saw a tweet which caught my attention, a twitter I recently added to my @insuredatarisk account. This account is for all ‘stuff’ related to computing stuff. Computing stuff in my vocabulary includes data or cyber risk, processes, agile, computer or information security, people in computing and anything else that ‘bugs’ me to my core or rather anything that ignites my interest in computing. After all I choose to study mathematics and computing and not music (always wanted to play classical guitar) or medicine (which was what my dad wanted!).

Lately I have been reflecting on why I cannot let ‘GO’ of my interests in computing stuff even after spending most of last 10 years exploring other fields like law, dispute resolution and my interests in energy healing and yoga. I guess I will never know why, the same reason as why I choose mathematics and computing as my 1st degree even though I have not done computing in my college subjects. Something ‘bugs’ me then and still manages to continue to ‘bugs’ me now.

I wonder why folks don’t talk about ‘bugs’ anymore, instead they use ‘errors’ like the software update errors that caused and still causing the RBS banking service downtime.  Will there be blogs from computing folks about how such errors can occur? Perhaps not, as such errors are not interesting ‘bugs’ to expose.

I just read this blog - less is exponentially more – and the ‘bugs’ got me to blog today and got me thinking about my effort to consolidate my sites.

For now, I will keep things ‘simple’ until I have figure out a way to simplify my many bugging interests.

A bug for thought – surely RBS has a business continuity or business recovery plan. Mmm…maybe they do have computer recovery planning but can’t execute the plan. Like having an ediscovery/edisclosure plan is simple enough. The buggy bits are in the execution, which ain’t that simple.  Is there a similar ‘Go’ plan to execute that is simple to the core?

More bugs to ponder…

oops my categories have disappeared from this site! More bugs to look into.

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