The semantic web in practice

I recently came across a content curation service, and decided to use it to gather contents via my twitter. According to paper.lithey love the semantic web’, a great start for an online paper. seems to use the twitter (or google+, facebook) handler/user to anchor the data stream and then allow tags/keywords to search/pull for the tagged content across handlers and their contents. then sifts, sorts and aggregates (i.e. curate the cluttered web?) into the typical paper-style categories, with one interesting aspect i.e. allowing user-defined tagged-categories. The semantic web put into practise?

I have three twitter accounts, one for fun/social/friends, one for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) stuff, and one for ediscovery/edisclosure (edisc) stuff. So far, my edisc twitter has the largest followers and the largest klout. Currently my tags are cyber, agile, databreach, and cyberinsurance. I wonder what my paper, The Data Chain, will reveal if I use tags on edisclosure and ediscovery. Since I have the largest followers on edisc stuff, I guess The Data Chain paper will be choked with edisc stuff. These tags and also twitter lists will be use in the next edition of The Data Chain.

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