Internet Sovereignty

My time in China is nearly drawing to a close… time for me to leave Beijing. Leaving Beijing does not mean my special interests in ‘most things Chinese’ will cease. I adore ‘most things Chinese’ and the past months of living in Beijing have stretched not only my mandarin learning capability but also my ability to cope with the environment i.e. from air to information to food (the basic necessities of life?). I must admit I did not cope too well with the air and the food (except Peking Duck which I love!).

However, being a student and living nearby the beautiful Peking University campus compensated for all the not so nice stuff or inconveniences associated with living in Beijing. What inconveniences? Mmm..No Facebook plus no access to blogging sites. I am now more aware of what is the meaning of ‘information gap’ (or may I say – information control?). Actually I am more aware but this awareness does not contribute to my general well-being. Does the lack of information affect one’s general well-being? This question pops up as I read the news ‘Freedom of expression on Internet guaranteed’ especially this statement;
The Internet has an “irreplaceable role in accelerating the development of the national economy” and will continue to impact daily work, education and lifestyles, the paper says.’
From this I am deducing that my general well-being will be impacted.

This blog will mark not only my varied, different lifestyles in Beijing but also that the internet has crossed over to the sovereignty realm.

Anyhow, I am joining the Sina blogging sphere and hope to improve my mandarin and also improve my general well-being.
I also hope to get back into the ediscovery sphere once I am back or cross over the other side of the Internet.

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