An example of a Piecemeal Approach – Personal Information Protection

I remembered doing a bit of research into the Constitution of the P.R.C. (for my Data Protection LLM module) back in 2003. I wondered what my synthesis would be now. Has the P.R.C. legal landscape changed over the past six years?

A Chinese lawyer friend visited me (as I will be leaving town soon – an informal good-bye stuff) this week. Somehow we ended up discussing ‘justice’ in China over several cups of tea and goodies from Hong Kong.

One day I will write more…

Today, I received this article – Personal Information Protection in China – © 2009 Hunton & Williams LLP, New York, New York in my mail. Mmm… the local law in China (for me) is probably a bit like the stuff over tea and cookies which ‘justice’ can’t bite or should I say ‘chew and swallow’. In a way the piecemeal, act-by-act basis of introducing law or any act sounds like chewing and swallowing.

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