Personal Data Highway Code

Personally, if I can get my ISP (the data controller) to read (& acknowledge) the newly launched ‘Personal Data Guardianship Code’, I will have achieved a milestone. I have had two broadband internet disconnections (in April and this June), each disconnection requiring a re-connection which takes 3-4 wks. I have studied Data Protection Law (as part of an LLM programme) and am currently reviewing articles touching on privacy and data protection. Yet I am powerless when it comes to data (account) outside my reach.

Perhaps with the concept of data controller and data subject and with data swishing and swirling in all places, we can’t figure out who owns the data. Note the question on the ownership of data which I twittered :’The ethics of privacy - a new label for not owning or not responsible for the data?’

Dealing with data and talking about data seems rather bland, so let’s label it with culture to bring data to life, so that’s what the British Computer Society (BCS), in partnership with the Information Security Awareness Forum (ISAF) founded by the ISSA-UK, has launched the Personal Data Guardianship Code in an effort to change the culture of organisations towards the handling of personal data. (as announced on the BCS website).

The Personal Data Guardianship Code (Personal Highway Code) is available for download at the BCS website.

For my ISP, please read this one liner even if you can’t follow the DPA or the Personal Highway Code:

Every organisation which handles personal data should have in place specific rules and procedures that protect the rights of data subjects.

Amen !

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