E-Discovery and Electronic Disclosure at the Peace Palace,The Hague

I noticed the use of  the terms ‘E-Discovery’ and ‘Electronic Disclosure’ and ‘Information Exchange’ for the May Conference in the Hague. See the programme listed at The University of Texas at Austin School  of Law.

Yes! E-Discovery and E-Disclosure or Information Exchange or handling electronic data or digital evidence are getting their footprints at the beautiful Peace Palace in the Hague. Thumbs up to the organisers ! I will be going. I have been to the Peace Palace (invited by a lawyer friend who gave a lecture there couple of years ago) and look forward to seeing the place again.

For my own reference, here are some of the topics spread over two days.

  • E-Discovery: A Look Behind the Curtain—Tools and Techniques
  • The Present and Future of Electronic Disclosure in International Arbitration
  • Evolving Principles of Information Exchange:Consensus and Divergence
  • Cross-Cultural Problems Involving Exchange of Information
  • Privilege and Ethical Obligations Involving Production and Protection of Evidence
  • Expert Evidence in International Arbitration:Are Standards Needed?
  • Privilege and Ethical Obligations Involving Expert Evidence in International Arbitration: Are Standards Needed?

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