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The UK Data Protection Bill [HL]

The published Bill- 218 pages. Will review the Bill soon…

Busting Myths & Fake (GDPR & data protection & privacy) news – from ICO

Keeping up with ICO’s activities over the coming weeks, months & years! Shattering the myths about #GDPR – Read the first in a new series of ICO blogs, this one about fines scaremongering — ICO (@ICOnews) August 9, 2017

UK DP Bill – GDPR into UK

Today's highlight -just catching up #DPBill UK's #GDPR Planned Reforms at — cher devey (@datachainrisk) August 7, 2017

Article 29 Working Party newsroom

EU’s newsroom site where various info on & from the Article 20 Working Party. Currently, the guidelines: Guidelines on the right to “data portability”, wp242rev.01 pdf Guidelines on Data Protection Officers (‘DPOs’), wp243rev.01 pdf Guidelines on The Lead Supervisory Authority, wp244rev.01 pdf Guidelines on Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) or Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), wp248_enpdf [...]

EU – Infographics on Data Protection (GDPR)

Warning – the infographics – not to be treated as ‘legal’ text.

ICO on GDPR – breach notification

ICO on GDPR – breach notification. Next to watch – the Article 29 Working Party guidelines

ICO on GDPR & Big data

ICO on GDPR, Big data & stuff (pdf)

Brexit – no turning back or U-turn

It’s a pity Theresa May did not trigger Article 50 on 1st April – to fool us all! The rules of negotiation at EU or international levels will no doubt be shaken and stirred – all for the world to watch, observe and follow. Forget about the leaders – they are mere puppets with strings [...]

final adoption of the new EU rules for personal data protection

A new era in data protection and privacy in the EU with the announcement that the EU General Data Protection Regulation that was first drafted in January 2012 will be implemented in 2018. The link to the EU press release

back posting an important December 2015 news on the EU GDPR

The ‘Agreement on Commission’s EU data protection reform’ news that was released on 15 December 2015. The full news at the European Commission – Press release on the EU data protection reform