My code is ‘Code is messy’.

I have been re-mulling over lots of stuff lately as projects I have ‘killed off’ resurfaced, and projects that I have been working on got ‘killed off’ due to ‘messy’ events. For me the word ‘messy’ aptly describes the turbulence in some parts of world and strangely it’s a word that I frequently use in my daily life. Messy table, messy hair, messy shoes, messy road, messy train, messy file folders…which indirectly contributes to my healthy state of mind as I see mess as healthy mess. Life is messy!? I bet folks (brave and courageous) who are rioting on the streets or online have the concept of being messy in a very life turning way; so messy is a healthy state to be in especially if one is claiming/reclaiming one’s rights or freedom.

I have long discovered that projects don’t come in nice, neat packages; they are messy in a nice, messy way. One can always clean up a mess or leave the mess as it is. One thing for sure the mess will not go away in its own accord (even if it is designed to self de-mess there will still be debris left!).

I started this blog in the middle of downloading a theme from the WordPress site and their ‘Code is poetry’ got me mulling again..
According to Lawrence Lessig, ‘Code is law’, however given a choice of ‘Code is poetry’ I prefer ‘Code is poetry’. Saying so, I rather stick to my code, ‘Code is messy’ as it’s the stuff of living messy life that makes life interesting or/and worthwhile.

Another of my mulling over ‘why I am blogging this here’?!
Put this to test when dealing with ediscovery stuff (from people, process, technology etc);
Hands up if you get ‘code is poetry’, hands down if you get ‘code is law’ and hands midway (with V sign?) if you get ‘code is messy’?

Now back to messing around with WordPress theme…

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