Jun 302020

My Thesis is still embargoed. Recently, someone (a researcher?) requested a copy, giving the following reason: We are doing some research into a PIA system and would like to read your full paper. We will obviously credit your research in our findings and presentations.
Please consider removing restrictions or uploading the full text to the archive so that it will be available immediately to future searchers.

For now, here’s Chapter 1 and the Table of Contents and preambles. (pdf)

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Mar 312020

I’m thrilled to announce that a formidable team at City comprising Prof Steph Wilson and 2 staff – Powlami Gosh & Peter Aggar – from City’s Enterprise Department & myself has won an Innovate UK Cybersecurity competition.

News at KTN website – Cyber Security projects selected for commercialisation programme

Many thanks to Steph, Powlami, Peter and also to Dr Gari Owen (external business advisor) for their great work & support in getting the application in on time.

As this CyberASAP 2020 programme is kick-starting tomorrow, 1st April 2020, this is certainly not an April Fool news.

I’m also fully aware of and sensitive to the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, which meant that all the planned for programmes by the teams at InnovateUK, KTN and CyberASAP will be done online. The online activities aren’t ‘business-as-usual’ for all of us and hence a ‘Big #ThumbsUp’ for all the teams involved in making CyberASAP moving forward.

More news to follow…

Many thanks,

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Apr 282019

Many thanks to my internal examiner, Dr Lyn Robinson for the list of amendments – dated 27th April 2019.
I will get all the amendments done ASAP.

As posted under ‘Moving on…’, I will be moving on to other adventures. The exact forms/shapes or directions of my next adventures are not fully mapped out. Talking about mapping, Tony Buzan (R.I.P) – inventor of mind mapping (my favourite tool!)- was in the news at Linkedln.

After I have officially finished with my PhD i.e. final Thesis submitted and graduation ceremony pictures taken :-) , this research site will remain online but inactive.

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Apr 262019

This website was set up when I started my PhD journey in October 2013, primarily to document some of my research activities and to share stuff with my supervisors.

I’m waiting for the list of minor amendments (following the viva on 15th April 2019), and hopefully, I don’t have to wait for too long. Just want to move on to my next adventure, what adventure?!

I’ve got a long ToDo lists including reading books which I thought would be good for my research studies but just didn’t have the time then. Also, I am now looking for work that will enable me to use my research skills and my interests in privacy-related topics.

My triage playbook has commercial values and I’ll be looking at ways to use my research outputs for practical commercial use. I will apply for funding or research funding programmes or research funded posts. So, a new adventure ahead!

Just this week I attended a workshop organised by City on ‘Effective writing for research grant application – with Prof Derrington’. Personally, I think there are also valuable lessons from non-academic driven grant/funding approaches such as crowdfunding.

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