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data breaches (UK)

 Posted by at 12:06 pm  data breach (UK)
May 292016

I’ve collected some sites/links on data breaches. Some are listed under ‘DataHub’ on the menus on the right columns of this site.

On my ToDo lists is an item to ‘somehow create/use visualisation tools’ to extract and represent the data breaches in the UK that have been reported in press or elsewhere.

Here’re more links on data breaches (in no particular ordering) in the UK, including other notable data incidents (some requiring registration/account login):

All of UK’s major banks and lenders have reported data breaches in the past two years – FOI request finds that 791 incidents reported to the ICO by financial services firms since 2013

Ecuadorian bank cyber thieves used HSBC accounts in Hong Kong

London NHS trust fined for HIV newsletter data breach

UK charity CALM hacked in ‘senseless’ attack

UK charity gets hacked twice in ‘motiveless’ attack

Scottish charity reports data loss due to unencrypted USB sticks

Data losses on USB sticks – it’s raining again

Third ICO fine in a week after sensitive information widely distributed by webmail

ICO fines Scottish council

Nationwide fined £1m over laptop theft security breach

More than 170 law firms investigated by ICO over data breaches in 2014

The UK’s 11 most infamous data breaches 2015:
The 11 data breaches (prior to 2015):
Nationwide Building Society (2006) -
Nationwide fine for stolen laptop

HM Revenue & Customs (2007) –
Another bad day for the database guys

Sony PlayStation Network (2011) -
Sony admits huge PlayStation Network data breach

Morrison’s supermarket (2014) -
Morrisons supermarket suffers major pay-roll data breach after insider attack

Staffordshire University (2014) -
Staffordshire University stolen laptop had student contacts details

Mumsnet (2014) -
Mumsnet falls to Heartbleed hackers as 1.5 million users reset passwords

Think W3 Limited (2014) -
Online travel services company exposes more than a million customer records to malicious hacker

Moonpig (2015) -
Moonpig Android app flaw puts THREE MILLION accounts at risk

TalkTalk (2014/2015) – various news:
TalkTalk hack: What to do if hackers have your data

TalkTalk: Hacked telecoms giant refusing to let customers leave without paying fees

TalkTalk profits halve after cyber attack

TalkTalk lost more than 100,000 customers after cyber attack

TalkTalk chief signals change after cyber attack