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JollyVIP 吉利


The name ‘JollyVIP’ came about when I was living in Shanghai (2003-2004). I wanted to capture the word ‘auspicious’ in mandarin and also the way the Chinese view and treat ‘customers’ as VIP i.e. very important person or people or simply ’special guest’ (my own interpretation). I was also intrigued by the Chinese word and meaning of  关系  ‘guanxi’.

‘Guanxi’ has subtle and deeper meanings in Chinese culture, however in translation to English it means ‘saving face’.

My version of ‘auspicious’ in mandarin is 吉利 ‘jili’ and combining the sound of this with the essence of ‘guanxi’, I have created JollyVIP for my company name.

For me, JollyVIP connects me to my roots with the subtle combined sound and meaning of 吉利 关系 ‘auspicious guanxi’ or ‘auspiciously saving face’.

My hope is that JollyVIP® services offered under jollyvip.com and Jyutsu will be rendered with auspicious guanxi. Auspicious guanxi will be my guiding principle in my manner of interactions with all my clients and networks of professional contacts and colleagues.

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The butterfly logo with the JollyVIP name is registered trade mark of Jollyvip Limited in the United Kingdom. Further details can be found at IPO website