2020 a new decade

I started this blog – my 1st – back in December 2007 and back then blogging was a cool thing to do 
Now, I hardly blog and have instead joined the various social media scenes i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and lately Instagram (mostly for family-related pictures). Furthermore, I have been busy past 5 years with my PhD where I go beyond edisclosure/ediscovery and examined supply chain risks/relationships, Chinese wuxing, data security, data privacy, data (including cyber/security) incident response and the GDPR. I’ve also examined ethics and the usual PhD stuff on theories. My PhD thesis was on data privacy harm and incident response under the GDPR.

So, what will I be doing moving into 2020 and also with the start of the Chinese New Year, year of the metal Rat on 25th January 2020?

I’ll continue to use this blogging site to showcase or highlight or link to stuff which I’m interested in.
Stay tune in 2020 and beyond…

Wishing everyone a happy, smashing, healthy and prosperous 2020!
Many thanks,

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