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The navigating menus or links are all in bright green or blue

On all pages there is a top-menu on the top left (e.g. ‘Notice’, ‘Portfolio’ etc.) or a side-menu which appears on the right column or at the bottom of the page (above the footer).

In addition there is the usual page-menu specific to each site (e.g. on iadrt.com site, the page-menu has its own pages).

There is also a site-tool menu which will appear when you have login (after registration) to a site. This site-tool menu appears below the browser menu. The site-tool has a butterfly logo (JollyVIP logo) on the left corner, My Sites, and the online greeting menu, Howdy, your username.

The top-menu and the side-menu also provide links to the JollyVIP Site (i.e. jollyvip.com). E.g. the ‘About’ link will display the ‘About’ page on the JollyVIP Site.

On all sites, there is a Site Access menu which provides registration and login to (and logout from) the site. This Site Access menu is located on the site-menu or on the page menu.

To return to previous browsed page, use the ‘back’ arrow on your browser where available.
Use the Site Maps when lost in space.

Registration and Log In/Out

On all sites there is a Register and Login links on the Site Access menu.

To post comments, you will need to register and login to the site(s) to participate.

You may register on any of the JollyVIP Portfolio of sites. Once registered on one site, you can login to any other JollyVIP sites. You may also register on another JollyVIP site. These registered sites will be your ‘My Sites
NOTE: You can only change your account profile details on the site(s) you have registered to.

The steps are:-
1) If you are on any of the JollyVIP portfolio sites e.g. iadrt.com and you wish to register to the site, select the Site Access-Register menu.
2) Alternatively, select the link JollyVIP Site, which takes you to this JollyVIP Site.
3) On the JollyVIP Site, select the site you wish to register via the side-menu (on right side of the page) – JollyVIP Portfolio Sites.
4) Once on the selected site, select the Site Access-Register menu. If you have already registered, you will need to use the same registered username and email to register on any of the JollyVIP Portfolio sites, otherwise enter your required account details.
5) Upon receiving your registration email (from help@jollyvip.com – so please check your spam box), you can login using the link and details provided in your email.
When login via your email link, you will land on the Profile page where you can change you password or account details. To visit your site, use the site-tool- My Site – the Visit link.

Alternatively you can login (on the Site Access menu – Login) via the site you have registered for.
To change your password or account details, use the site-tool menu, where you can select the Howdy menu – Edit Profile or on the My Site menu – Dashboard.
You will be prompted to login to your account (you have registered to) to change your details.
6) After successful registration, you can login to all JollyVIP sites with one account (i.e. same username and password). However you can only change your account details (password and email etc) via your registered account(s).
7) The Site Access-Login menu is different on the eDiscovery site. It has a login form on the side menu.
8) To visit your site, use the My Sites on the site-tool menu, where you can select which (registered) site to visit.If you have not registered on the site,the site will not appear on the site-tool menu.
9) When you use the Site Access-Login menu to login to a JollyVIP site, you will land on your choosen site.
10) Once login, you can edit your registered account profile (i.e. change password, email etc) via the site-tool Howdy menu or via your My Sites – Dashboard menu.
11) You can visit and also login to other JollyVIP sites by the using the link ‘JollyVIP Site’. This link appears on the Site Access menu or the side menu or the top-menu.
11) Logging out from all sites. You can logout via the Site Access-Login menu on the sites or via the Howdy menu.
Do logout from all your sites.

A snapshot of a registered login screen is shown below :

Note if you are not login, you will not see the site-tool menu.

I hope to add further graceful features or enhancements in the near future…

Welcome your comments etc.

Visit again soon…

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