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A bit of fund raising and summer fun!

Hello folks/friends/readers/bloggers/guests, I have 2 social websites running under the Ning platform (social websites-CMS) which will not be free after 20th July. So here’s an extreme blog (or fund raising blog) to help me continue to maintain my Ning sites (both non profit making). All enquiries are warmly welcome. Get a T-shirt printed with your [...]

price discovery and ghosts

I am just about to dash out to do some ‘price discovery’ or price investigation of camera (aiming for an SLR) in the Zhongguancun shopping mall. Simply can’t resist posting the link to the Bloomberg Businessweek article – ‘Ghosts Scared Bear Stearns, Lehman to Death: Susan Antilla‘. Gosh! not ‘act of god’ but ghosts.. Ingenuous [...]

social networking

Just for my own reckoning, my Ning sites (as listed under this blog) will most likely disappear from online or hidden behind the cloud(s) of Ning after the 4th of May. Ning is changing their policy on free social networking. Should I explore other free social networking CMS? Mmm..Will see.

A reckoning with reality

Is there such a thing as ‘reality’? I guess the answer depends on where one draws a line or whether a line can indeed be distinguished and/or drawn. Can we really distinguish and be able to categorise data into neat buckets (or cells, columns, rows, stacks etc.)? Answer depends on who is distinguishing the data [...]

Just for my own record

According to my web hoster, this site/blog will be moving to a new high performance server in the next 24 hours. Such is life in the data world – inconveniences for a faster (& safer?) access?

Is my data everybody’s business?

For the past weeks I have the ‘freedom’ to explore my websites, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. You see, I have been out of the online social scenes since last September when I left UK for Beijing. Came back to UK just to sort personal stuff and see my kids before I leave for Beijing again. [...]

My first blog from Beijing

I am slowly getting used to not having ‘full access’ to the world wide web in the widest and wildest sense of the word in the so called connected world of information. I have no access to my own websites (the social sites are blocked!) and no posting on Facebook and Twitter. Gosh, what [...]

A friendly announcement

Hello friends, Eventually I hope to upgrade this wordpress site to the ‘latest’  version. Meanwhile, I will only allow ‘real’ users (as opposed to spooky/spamming e-mails) to register here. Please do announce via e-mail to me that you wish to join/register with an identifiable e-mail address. Many thanks! Cher

Personal Data Highway Code

Personally, if I can get my ISP (the data controller) to read (& acknowledge) the newly launched ‘Personal Data Guardianship Code’, I will have achieved a milestone. I have had two broadband internet disconnections (in April and this June), each disconnection requiring a re-connection which takes 3-4 wks. I have studied Data Protection Law (as [...]

action-packed April with no internet broadband

No blogging means no internet broadband access at home . In early April, my internet connection was ‘data-jacked’ by another ISP when they did an upgrade to their system using an ‘old’ or unpurged database/dataset.  ‘Old’ as I do not hold a current internet account with them and whatever data they hold about me should [...]